The BSI & Fluidigm co-sponsor a research award for high-throughput and high-dimensional immune profiling
The British Society for Immunology & Fluidigm, will award the two most impactful proposals in immunology which aim to profile in-depth all major immune cell types present within human blood within any disease state. This research will be performed using a combination of the Maxpar® Direct Immune Profiling Assay and the new, high-throughput, CyTOF XT high-dimensional cytometry analyzer.
Fluidigm’s Maxpar Direct Immune Profiling system, for use with CyTOF® systems, allows the possibility to easily profile 37 immune populations from either fresh whole blood or PBMCs, all by using a simple one-tube solution which uses a ready-to-use dried-down mixture of 30 pre-titrated antibodies. Taking advantage of the unique properties of CyTOF technology, the Maxpar Direct immune Profiling panel can be modified by seamlessly integrating extra antibodies, such as by using ready-to-use expansion panels which allow for a deeper visualization into specific and rare cell subsets.
This assay when combined with our new high-throughput CyTOF XT and Maxpar Pathsetter software, allows researchers to acquire >40 samples per day and only 5 minutes to generate a ready-to-use report for each individual sample.
The competition is open to BSI and non-BSI members. Two grants will be awarded, one of which will be given to a BSI member - Learn more about how to become a BSI member
Identify all relevant cell types in your precious samples:
  • Identify all relevant immune cell types from only 300ul human blood or 3*106 PBMC with a simple, one-tube high-plex cytometry assay
  • Leverage the power of being capable of freezing down stained samples, facilitating multi-center studies and sample logistics
  • The grant includes a Maxpar Direct Immune Profiling Assay together with one ready-to-use expansion panel, including sample acquisition and data analysis which will be provided via the Maxpar Pathsetter Software.
Win one of two free immune profiling projects with CyTOF technology
Program Details:
  • The grant winners will receive one Maxpar Direct Immune Profiling Assay and one expansion panel of choice which allows to stain up to 25 samples of choice
  • A Fluidigm specialist will assist the grant winner either in person or remotely with sample processing and staining
  • Samples will be shipped over to a site in the UK where they will be acquired with a CyTOF XT analyzer
  • Fluidigm will provide the grant winner with a ready-to-use report which will be generated with the Maxpar Pathsetter software, together with the raw .fcs data files.
  • Submission must be received by 23:59 BST on August 27th 2021.
Instructions to apply:
  1. Check out the Maxpar Direct Immune Profiling Assay and CyTOF XT websites
  2. Complete proposal questionnaire below to apply
*See terms and conditions below

Terms and Conditions
Publication of Project Results:
All grant submissions are confidential to the individual submitter and will not be published or distributed, provided, however, that Fluidigm and the BSI may share them with their own staff and distributors who will not disclose to third party.
The two winners will be selected by a panel of judges that includes BSI Board members, as well as representation from Fluidigm. The winner's announcement and results will be made at a BSI webinar which will be also be hosted by the BSI, upon agreement with the winner.
Upon project completion, the grant winner agrees to participate in at least one of the following activities relating to the specific project, with specific details of the applicable activity to be mutually agreed upon in good faith by Fluidigm the BSI and the winner: webinar, case study, blog post, presentation, or poster presentation. The winner agrees that Fluidigm and the BSI shall have the right to publicly announce the winner’s name and research title and use anonymized data from the winner's projects in application notes including in marketing materials and seminars- no public display of data will happen without previous consent from the winner.
Eligibility and Requirements:
  • Applicants must be actively enrolled or employed at a research institution in a capacity in which they perform life science research and have the ability to ship stained samples within 30 days of award notification.
  • Members of the immediate families of the BSI and Fluidigm employees and directors, and/or persons living in the same household as such persons, are ineligible to participate in this grant program.
  • Applicants must not be government employees or a Healthcare Professional (HCP). Employees of government institutions and Healthcare Professionals should not be eligible to participate in the program. A Healthcare Professional is anyone who is: authorized or licensed to provide healthcare services to patients; involved in providing healthcare services to patients (e.g., clinical laboratory directors); or involved in the decision to purchase, prescribe, order, or recommend medical technologies or related services.
  • This program is void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law. The grant winners will receive a Maxpar® Direct™ Immune Profiling Assay™ and one expansion panel (which allows the staining of 25 heparin fixed fresh whole blood samples or PBMCs). The required reagents from other suppliers (as specified in the Maxpar Direct Immune Profiling Assay User Guide) will have to be provided by the applicant.
  • The staining of the applicants samples will be performed together with the aid of a Fluidigm Application Specialist, either in person or remotely. Samples will be frozen down after staining.
  • Fluidigm will be ship the frozen-down, stained samples to a site in the UK where they will be acquired using Fluidigm’s novel high-throughput CyTOF XT™ system. An assay report using the Maxpar Pathsetter software will be provided to the winner. Unused sample will not be shipped back to the grant winner
  • Applicants must be based in the United Kingdom, European Union, Switzerland or Norway
All grant applicants agree that Fluidigm may process the personal data he or she provides as part of application, only for the needs of the application and grant competition process, and in accordance with Fluidigm’s privacy policy available at
Please find the BSI privacy policy here:
The grant award winner may be required to sign and return an affidavit of eligibility, release of liability, a publicity release, and other appropriate legal documentation reasonably requested by Fluidigm. No substitution or transfer of the awarded prize is allowed except as permitted by Fluidigm. The award winner is responsible for any local tax liability (city, state, or federal) occurred by winning and accepting the award. If, for any reason, the grant program may not run as planned for any causes beyond the reasonable control of Fluidigm, then Fluidigm reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the grant program. These terms and conditions and any action related to this grant program will be governed by the laws of the State of Washington without regard to or application of its conflict of law provisions or your state or country of residence. All claims, legal proceedings or litigation arising in connection with these terms and conditions and this grant program will be brought solely in the federal or state courts located in Seattle, Washington, and all applicants consent to the jurisdiction of and venue in such courts and waive any objection as to inconvenient forum. By participating in this grant program, each applicant unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply with and abide by these terms and conditions.