Introducing CyTOF Technology For mass cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry

Translational and clinical researchers worldwide are choosing Helios™, a CyTOF® system, for mass cytometry to provide unprecedented high-parameter phenotyping, and they are choosing the Hyperion™ Imaging System for Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™) to enable high-dimensional spatial visualization of the tissue microenvironment.

The unsurpassed capabilities of these CyTOF based systems enable you to gain deep single-cell insights and avoid the current challenges experienced with fluorescence technologies.

Learn about the top 8 reasons why you might want to utilize CyTOF technology in your research.
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  • Get confidence in results using proven and published CyTOF technology.
  • Surpass the inherent limitations of fluorescence detection by using highly pure metal tags that are separated by mass instead of wavelength and produce separate and distinct signals.
  • This flexible technology works for cells in solution or tissues.
  • Easy-to-use platforms provide multiparameter data generation that are more affordable than ever.
  • It’s easy to get a project started through our Therapeutic Insights Service offering.

More Resources

Here are a few documents and links that provide an overview of how CyTOF and IMC technologies can support your research.

Learn how the Hyperion Imaging System enables you to uncover new biomarkers and cellular interactions using Imaging Mass Cytometry.

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Learn about our newly introduced Therapeutic Insights Services and how you can access sample-to-answer mass cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry services.

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Trending Now is a quarterly mass cytometry anthology of recent and impactful publications showing how the research community uses the power of CyTOF technology to expand its understanding of human health and disease.

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Mass Cytometry: See how you can achieve unprecedented high-parameter phenotyping.


Imaging Mass Cytometry: Learn how IMC enables high-dimensional spatial visualization of complex cellular phenotypes and their relationships in the context of tissue and tumor microenvironments.


Therapeutic Insights Services: Learn how our expert consultants can work with you to tailor and execute a sample-to-answer project designed for your specific needs for single-cell mass cytometry or IMC data.


Hear directly from researchers using mass cytometry and IMC technologies by listening to mass cytometry webinars or IMC webinars.



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