Maxpar Antibodies and Assays For mass cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry

CyTOF® technology simplifies the development of highly multiplexed panels for deep cellular profiling and tissue imaging. Select from our growing menu of Maxpar® panel kits or Maxpar metal-conjugated antibodies. If you wish to use your own antibody, we also provide Maxpar metal-labeling kits and custom conjugation services.

Here are a few documents and links that provide more information on our Maxpar antibody reagents and kits available for labeling cells in your next experiment.

Learn about the award-winning Fluidigm high-parameter immune profiling assay for mass cytometry.
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See how 6 new Maxpar Direct™ Expansion Panels enable even deeper immune cell analysis when combined with the Maxpar® Direct™ Immune Profiling Assay™.
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Fluidigm is always adding new metal-conjugated antibodies to the catalog. See how we have recently expanded the options for building comprehensive immune profiling panels with new antibodies to immune checkpoints and markers for cell activation, inhibition and apoptosis.
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The addition of seven new cadmium-labeled anti-human CD45 antibodies to the Maxpar reagent catalog has enabled live-cell barcoding, a uniquely CyTOF® application. See how it is done in this CYTO® Virtual 2020 poster from the Fluidigm R&D team.
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Maxpar panel kits: See our 25-plus panel kits, great for getting you up and running your first CyTOF experiments with both mouse and human cell types.


Maxpar Direct Immune Profiling System: Learn about this best-in-class solution for longitudinal human immune monitoring in clinical research studies.


Maxpar Direct Expansion Panels: Each Maxpar Direct Expansion Panel consists of a collection of preselected antibodies that fit open channels of the Maxpar Direct Immune Profiling Assay to enable deeper profiling of specific immune cell subsets. Use our interactive tool to explore the options.


Therapeutic Insights Services: Learn how our expert consultants can work with you to tailor and execute a sample-to-answer project designed for your specific needs for single-cell mass cytometry or IMC data.


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