A Streamlined Immune Monitoring Workflow. Maxpar assay kit + automated sample prep + CyTOF analysis = success!

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Researchers performing immune profiling have an increasing need for workflows that are scalable, reliable and also easy to implement. CyTOF® technology offers a powerful complete solution because of its high-quality, high-parameter single-cell data with no compensation requirement. With hundreds of peer reviewed publications, CyTOF systems deliver new insights in a variety of therapeutic areas including immuno-oncology and infectious diseases.

Fluidigm has developed a complete workflow that includes:

Workflow Element Maxpar® Direct™ Immune Profiling Assay™ Flow Conductor™ Helios™, a CyTOF system Maxpar Pathsetter™
Benefit Identify 37 immune populations in a single tube. Add antibodies of choice to expand your analysis. Liberate your lab with a walkaway sample preparation system for flow and mass cytometry. Get the highest-resolution immune cell profiling available. Pushbutton data analysis software with built-in module for Maxpar Direct Immune Profiling Assay analysis.
Action Just add blood or PBMC to start staining. Simply add specimens and reagents and press Start. Run your sample using the preset data collection template. Load FCS. files and automatically batch-process your data.

Watch a short video to learn how you can automate sample preparation for flow cytometry and mass cytometry with Flow Conductor.
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Using Flow Conductor you can go from a workflow with multiple steps to just one: Load and Go.
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Flow Conductor replaces the many manual sample prep steps with two simple setup steps. Go from specimen to stained samples with minimal hands-on time.



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