CyTOF Technology in Infectious Disease. Focus: COVID-19 therapeutic and vaccine development

Fluidigm CyTOF® technology with the Maxpar® Direct™ Immune Profiling System provides best-in-class immune monitoring with the cost, flexibility and consistency needed for standardized COVID-19 disease immune monitoring research.

Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™) adds the capability of spatial visualization of immune response in tissue samples. This newly developed technology enables the study of clinical outcomes and changes in inflammatory or immune function directly from whole blood or tissue samples.

We invite you to explore the content on this page to learn how mass cytometry and IMC are being used in labs around the world to identify prognostic and mechanistic biomarkers that can be used to guide the development of effective vaccines and therapeutics for COVID-19 disease.

See a list of current publications and descriptions of five clinical trials using mass cytometry to investigate COVID-19.
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In this Spotlight profile, Dr. Benjamin Terrier, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine in the Internal Medicine Department of Cochin Hospital in Paris, describes the work he and colleagues recently published in Science detailing the identification of impaired type I interferon responses in COVID-19 patients and how the Maxpar Direct Immune Profiling System was instrumental in this discovery.
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The Maxpar Direct Immune Profiling System is currently in use in three clinical trials, two of which are focused on longitudinal immune monitoring of COVID-19 patients. Learn more about this award-winning assay.
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Investigator Dr. Dexi Chen, MD, PhD, and colleagues at the Beijing Institute of Hepatology and You’an Hospital are using IMC along with other approaches to investigate the immune response in lung tissue of patients with severe COVID-19. Read about their multi-omic approach in this Spotlight profile.
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Follow the links below to learn more about how CyTOF technology is being used to investigate the impact of SARS-CoV-2 infection on the human immune system.

Explore this page to learn about the five National Clinical Trial (NCT) COVID-19 studies underway as well how research groups around the world are using mass cytometry to investigate multiple aspects of vaccine development and efficacy.


Find multiple resources on Imaging Mass Cytometry and its applications including research articles and a recorded webinar by Tom Ashhurst, PhD, High‐Dimensional Cytometry Specialist at the Sydney Cytometry Facility, titled “Mapping dynamic immunity across time, space, and disease state”.


Therapeutic Insights Services: Learn how our expert consultants can work with you to tailor and execute a sample-to-answer project designed for your specific needs for single-cell mass cytometry or IMC data.


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