Win sample-to-answer Imaging Mass Cytometry services for your COVID-19 research

Fluidigm Therapeutic Insights Services is excited to launch the COVID-19 Research Grant Program (applicable in the US and Canada only) to support research and applications for the monitoring of human immune system response to COVID-19 disease using the unique Fluidigm high-multiplex tissue imaging technology, Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™).

This grant will cover sample-to-answer IMC services including panel design, slide staining, data acquisition and single-cell data analysis.

IMC enables the spatial visualization and single-cell analysis of immune response in tissue samples. Further, the high dimensionality of IMC allows for deeper insights into clinical outcomes and changes in inflammatory or immune function.


Program Scope:

Fluidigm will award IMC services to select projects that aim to study the human immune response to COVID-19 infection and resulting COVID-19 disease. Preference will be given to projects that investigate the following in human organs:

  • Cytokine release syndrome/cytokine storm
  • Adaptive immune response
  • Innate inflammation
  • T cell exhaustion
  • Disease susceptibility associated with HLA haplotypes



Samples should be available and shipped to Fluidigm headquarters in South San Francisco within 1 week of securing the award and signing terms and conditions.



Academic, clinical and industry researchers (in the US and Canada) are encouraged to apply. Results of the selected IMC projects must be publishable and may not be for proprietary use only.


Program Timeline

Applications will be reviewed continuously in the order in which they are received. There is no hard deadline to apply.


Apply today.

Complete the form, including your project title and abstract. Send any questions to

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