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Simplify your high-parameter cytometry and accelerate your single-cell profiling studies.


Simplify the design and execution of deep cell profiling studies.

Standardize sample analysis with reproducible workflows and automation.

Accelerate novel therapeutic research to improve human health outcomes.

Ignite your research.

CyTOF XT™ is the most technologically advanced mass cytometer to date, designed to build on the benefits of CyTOF technology while simplifying operation and automating sample acquisition for the best reproducibility and time to results from every run.


XTra Autonomy

Walk away from sample loading, acquisition and monitoring. Do more with your time.


XTra Efficiency

With easy setup and automated system optimization, enjoy peak performance from minimal effort.


XTra Clarity

Achieve unrivaled quality and depth of understanding from a greater selection of markers.


XTra Insight

Simplify cell profiling with standardized workflows to accelerate therapeutic development.

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Learn about the dry-format, 30 marker Maxpar® Direct™ Immune Profiling Assay™ for use on both the CyTOF XT and Helios™ mass cytometers.


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CyTOF Technology

Powered by mass spectrometry and CyTOF technology, mass cytometry elevates cell analysis with a level of speed, precision and reproducibility not enabled by other single-cell platforms.

CyTOF XT further enhances the capabilities of mass cytometry with workflow automation that simplifies sample processing and data acquisition.

The instrument offers a new level of autonomy through streamlined operation, automatic monitoring and easier system management. The result is superior data quality—so you can focus on what matters most.


XTra Autonomy

CyTOF XT automation expands what your lab can accomplish by simplifying daily workflows and freeing operator time for other tasks.


Chilled sample carousel

  • Cools to 4–8 °C
  • Holds twelve 5 mL and one 15 mL sample tube

Walk-away sample acquisition

  • Acquire up to 13 different samples and panels in a single batch run.
  • Automated resuspension of sample pellets and addition of normalization beads.

Automated clog sensing

  • Software and hardware innovations provide internal fluidics monitoring of clog formation.
  • An unclogging routine is automatically activated by the fluidics system.

XTra Efficiency

Simplified front-end assembly, bottle tray for solutions and automated tuning minimize maintenance and calibration.


Easy daily setup

  • High-capacity solution reservoirs need attention only once a week.
  • Daily instrument cleaning takes just minutes.

Automated system tuning

  • Only a single daily optimization with EQ™ Calibration Beads is required.
  • No additional system adjustments or optimization is needed for any panel or sample type.

Real-time signal optimization

  • Detector voltage adjusts automatically to maintain optimal signal detection during extended acquisitions.

XTra Clarity

The precision of measuring marker expression using mass cytometry is unmatched by fluorescence cytometry methods. Cleaner signals mean data is more accurate.


Unrivaled data quality

  • Minimal to no background signal is seen in detection channels.
  • No signal compensation or deconvolution is required after data collection.
  • On-the-fly data normalization

Most cytometric markers

  • Multiple 50-plus-marker panels have been published.
  • Panels of 40 or more markers are common: Over 100 examples are peer-reviewed and published.

Superior cell profiling

  • CyTOF enables the broadest range of high-parameter cytometry applications.
  • Easily incorporate sample barcoding

Publications and clinical research trials

The broad adoption of mass cytometry for basic, translational and clinical research has driven a rapidly growing bibliography of peer-reviewed publications and use in clinical research trials. See the List.

Over 1,200 peer-reviewed publications as of March 31, 2021

As of April 2021, over 150 ongoing or completed National Clinical Trials have reported use of mass cytometry.


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Poster: CYTO® 2021—CyTOF XT and Helios™ mass cytometer performance comparison for the Maxpar® Direct™ Immune Profiling Assay


Application Note: CyTOF XT: The Next Generation of Mass Cytometry

  • Learn more about key CyTOF XT features including fully automated acquisition with clog sensing and new data processing, making CyTOF XT the most affordable and flexible high parameter cytometer.

Brochure: CyTOF XT - The Next Evolution


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