CyTOF XT system tutorials and FAQs
Learn about the daily operation of your mass cytometer as well as regular cleaning and maintenance tasks that help ensure the optimal performance of your CyTOF® XT system.

CyTOF XT Tutorials


CyTOF XT Instrument Setup video
This instructional video highlights the steps involved in preparing the CyTOF XT system to acquire samples. This includes checking the bottle station, assembling the nebulizer, turning on the plasma and loading EQ™ Six Element Calibration Beads for tuning.

Duration 6:36


CyTOF XT Daily Cleaning video
This video highlights key steps in the daily cleaning procedures for the CyTOF XT system after sample acquisition is complete. This includes removal and cleaning of the nebulizer.

Duration 5:00


CyTOF XT Routine Weekly Maintenance video
This video highlights the weekly maintenance procedures for the CyTOF XT system including cleaning out the fluidics lines, disassembly and cleaning of the heater assembly and parts, and removal and cleaning of the cones.

Duration 14:36


CyTOF XT Periodic Maintenance video
This instructional video reviews the periodic procedures that are required to maintain the CyTOF XT system. This includes the removal, cleaning and reassembly of the torch every 3 months.

Duration 11:17



We’ve answered some of the most relevant, frequently asked questions about the CyTOF XT system to ensure that you have the information you need to succeed in your research.
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