A new spin on sample prep.

Flow Conductor (limited release)
lets you walk away from sample prep.


Free your hands, liberate your mind

Pivot your attention and your time from the mundane work of processing samples to designing new assays and advancing your research goals. Rely on Flow Conductor™ as your sample preparation partner for your flow or mass cytometry assays. With an integrated centrifuge for the 12 x 75 mm (FACS) tubes you know and trust, all you need to do is load your specimens, antibodies and reagents and press Start. Come back to ready-to-acquire samples.


  • Liberating—Use a load-and-go automated system to perform complete sample prep workflows.
  • Reliable—Get high-quality sample processing every time by minimizing effects of human error and variability.
  • Adaptable—Easily automate your existing assays and confidently develop new assays for consistent results.


Flow Conductor replaces the many manual sample prep steps with two simple setup steps. Go from specimen to stained samples with minimal hands-on time.


Fully integrated centrifuge Fully integrated centrifuge
Load antibodies, specimens and secondary tubes, select a protocol and press GO. Come back to stained samples ready to acquire on a flow or mass cytometer.
100 antibody tubes in a chilled block 100 antibody tubes in a chilled block
Prepare multiple antibody cocktails every run.

28 secondary samples 28 secondary samples
Use multiple antibody panels for each specimen for more data in the same run.
18 specimens 18 specimens
Prepare several hours of flow cytometry acquisition or sorting or a full day of CyTOF® acquisition.
10 reagent reservoirs 10 reagent reservoirs
Preload the system with the buffers and reagents needed for your workflow.
2 pipetting assemblies 2 pipetting assemblies
Keep your antibodies and cells separate until mixing and efficiently mix different volumes.
Antibody database Antibody database
Store records for your antibody bank in the system once and address them as needed to create a variety of cocktails.
Liquid level detection Liquid level detection
Be confident in reagent levels with low-level alerts.
Touchscreen instrument control Touchscreen instrument control Create protocols and customize workflows with an easy-to-use touchscreen computer.
Multiple applications Multiple applications Build your workflows using the open system architecture.
Delayed start mode Delayed start mode Collect your stained samples and start acquisition early for an efficient workday.


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White paper: Sample Preparation for Flow Cytometry: Practical Considerations

Sample preparation is a seemingly simple process, but it may be fraught with underappreciated details and pitfalls. Are you doing it right? Flow cytometry expert and industry veteran Teri Oldaker shares great sample preparation tips and provides valuable resources for continuing education for you, your students and the peers with whom you collaborate.
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